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Buyer Timeline


Pre Approval

Secure a strong foundation for your homebuying journey by obtaining pre-approval for financing. This crucial step streamlines the process and positions you as a serious and prepared buyer.


Offer To Purchase

Craft a compelling and strategically structured offer to purchase, ensuring that your bid stands out in a competitive market. Your tailored offer reflects your commitment to securing the ideal home.


Home Search

Embark on a purposeful home search journey with your experienced Realtor. They guide you through the real estate landscape to find a property that perfectly aligns with your needs and preferences.  



Prioritize a comprehensive inspection process to unveil the true condition of your prospective home. Identify any issues and address them proactively, ensuring transparency and informed decisions,


Purchase & Sales 

Attorneys prepare a meticulously crafted Purchase & Sale Agreement. This document, acceptable to all parties, lays the foundation for a secure and mutually beneficial transaction.


Submit Financials

Facilitate a smooth financing process by promptly submitting all required financial documentation to your lender. This step expedites the approval process and positions you for a the mortgage journey. 



Validate the property’s value with a thorough appraisal conducted by a licensed professional. This step ensures that your mortgage company confirms an accurate sale price based on a comprehensive review of properties. 


Mortgage Commitment

Reach a pivotal point in your homebuying journey as your lender issues a mortgage commitment. This milestone solidifies the financial aspect of your transaction, providing clarity and confidence as you move closer to ownership.


Final Walk Though

Conduct a final walk-through with your agent, ensuring the property’s condition aligns with expectations and any outstanding issues from the inspection have been addressed. This step adds a layer of assurance before closing



Culminate your homebuying adventure with a successful closing. Attend the closing session at the designated location, with your checkbook and identification, and celebrate the realization of your homeownership dreams.